SIR Team to Participate in Sept 18 Dog Dash Fundraiser

The Crescent City Dog Dash is a fund raiser event organized and hosted by NOLA4X4 to raise funds and awareness for the Villalobos Rescue Center. VRC is the animal rescue featured on Animal Planet’s “Pitbulls & Parolees”. They moved to New Orleans in 2012 and immediately embraced the culture and lifestyle of NOLA. The rescue specializes in the Pitbull breed yet does not limit itself to only rescuing Pits. New Orleans of course has its own history with this breed with it being one of the most popular types of dogs in our city, so the two do fit together well. The cost of running VRC has grown immensely since they moved to New Orleans leaving the rescue in a daily struggle to finance its operation. The founder and owner of VRC (Tia Torres) is an avid 4×4 enthusiast, she became a Jeep owner several years ago and has since converted her two daughters to the Jeep way of life. Last year NOLA4X4 decided to reach out and offer a helping hand to some fellow 4×4 fans that seemed like they could use some assistance, working with the VRC team was a pleasant experience and we decided to continue working with them….. Which brings us to the Crescent City Dog Dash.

Participants will check in at 9 am on Sept. 18th at Mardi Gras World in New Orleans. Each vehicle will be given a stamp card with a list of five stops around the city that they will have to make. After having their card stamped at all five stops, players will conveen at the NOLA Motorsports Park.

There will be several things to do once everyone reaches NOLA Motorsports. There will be vendors on site to sell merchandise and take orders such as 4Wheel Parts, Diamond C Offroad, The Tahyo,  Searchers 4WD, KAK Art NOLA, Adrinaline Hobby, event T-shirts and more. There will also be a bounce house for the kids, an RC Crawler obstacle course, a life size 4×4 obstacle course, Go-Kart racing, etc.

For more information – visit

Two Race-Ready Monster Trucks For Sale

Two Race Ready Monster Trucks for Sale!

SIR 03 and SIR 04.  Includes Toterhome & Trailer.



For more information, please contact –

New Racing Machine to Debut in 2016

Sudden Impact Racing is becoming larger and more powerful in 2016! Here is a sneak peek of SIRs new racing machine to be totally released by January 2016 check back for full details.

SIR Team Storms Austin

Nola - Austin, TXSudden Impact - Austin

February 6 – 7, 2015 – Austin, Texas — Sudden Impact and Nola Motorsports were in Austin Texas for the O’Reilly Outlaw Nationals this weekend competing against some hard chargers.   Friday night’s show was awesome with both trucks putting it down in wheelies with high scores.     Friday night racing was all about the Sudden Impact truck!  It straight ran away on everyone in the tight Chicago style racing course, making it to the finals against Big Dawg.   Sudden Impact barely missed taking home the win due to time to fuel up the truck.  Freestyle saw lots of big air from both trucks with amazing speed and a nice save from the Nola truck.  Both trucks scored in the top four to finish off the night strong.

Saturday night the team was on a mission to bring home a win to Nola Motorsports Park!  The truck went out first for wheelies throwing it down with two great wheelie,s a nice slap wheelie, and a no-handed doughnut to finish it out.   Sudden Impact truck had two amazing wheelies.   Nola scored a second place win against Ghost Ryder and Sudden Impact came home with third place.  Racing was all about Nola on Saturday night.  The team mates met first round with Nola just barely edging out a victory over Sudden Impact.   Nola went on to meet Big Dawg and redeem the team for Friday night throwing down a perfect race and bringing home the race win.

Freestyle again saw some huge air, crazy momentum and some two wheel bicycle action from both the trucks.   Nola brought home second in freestyle and Sudden Impact received fourth.   The team is all cleaned up and heading to the next stop on the great Texas tour of 2015, which is Odessa Texas for the second stop on the O’Reilly Outlaw National’s Tour.

SIR Battles It Out on Rough Track in Houston


Ground Pounder - Houston, Texas

January 31, 2015 — Houston, TX — The team battled it out on a rough track with Ground Pounder and Amsoil Shock Therapy. The Sudden Impact team was on hand in Houston for  the last show of the year for the Fox Sports One Monster Jam series.   The Amsoil Shock Therapy and Ground Pounder were up against a very aggressive SoCal style track.   Practice on Friday got the team some great information to set up the trucks for the race.  The new body designs turned heads at the biggest pit party of the year.

Ground Pounder was up against the truck Heavy Hitter in qualifying, it was a tough decision but Heavy Hitter made a good save after drifting into Ground Pounders lane causing him to lift.  Due to safety concerns Ground Pounder was out of the fast eight.   Amsoil Shock Therapy qualified with the Rod Ryan truck.   It was a very close match up qualifying Amsoil in a solid fifth seat for racing, where he would once again meet up with the Rod Ryan truck.  Unfortunately, an electrical issue kept Amsoil from kicking the Rod Ryan truck off the pace.

Freestyle was full of momentum from Ground Pounder hitting all of the stacks and getting a nice cross thread on the very aggressive Houston track.  Shock Therapy did not compete in freestyle due to lack of time to replace a fly wheel.   All together it was a great weekend for the team.   Thanks to the thousands of Houston fans.   Next stop for Amsoil Shock Therapy and Ground Pounder  is Austin Texas.

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SIR Team Features New Truck Wraps and Posts 2015 Schedule

2015 Ground Pounder2015 Amsoil Shock Therapy

The 2015 Season is underway!  Check out the 2015 SIR Schedule.

Amsoil Shock Therapy Displayed at Scrapin the Coast

SIR in Biloxi

June 21 – 22, 2014 – Biloxi, MS - Amsoil Shock Therapy was on display in Biloxi, MS this past weekend for one of the south’s biggest car, truck and bike shows.  Scrapin the Coast was held right off of the Mississippi Gulf Coast at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention Center. The enormous outdoor show along with an indoor section within the coliseum. draws thousands of car enthusiast to the coast every year.

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SIR Racing Team Attracts Many to Important Blood Drive


SIR Team Supports Local Blood Drive

June 14, 2014 — Kenner, LA – Sudden Impact Racing Amsoil Shock Therapy and Madd Max Tank was at Sylvester’s in Kenner Louisiana on June 14 for a blood drive to help out a local hero with a very important upcoming surgery.  Read all the details here.

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Show Support - Donate Blood

SIR Team Kicks Off Monster Jam Season in Greensboro

January 10-11, 2014 — Greensboro, NC – Amsoil Shock Therapy and Ground Pounder started their Monster Jam season in Greensboro, North Carolina with a star-studded field of trucks.  Friday night, both trucks had solid showings in the wheelie competition and racing.  Ground Pounder did an outstanding job in freestyle with fast momentum and good combos earning a solid score.   With great momentum, Amsoil Shock Therapy showed off some nice air earning a solid score.

Saturday night the team tuned up the trucks to pull off amazing wheelies for a very solid score.  Racing was tough on the tacky North Carolina gumbo.  Ground Pounder had a photo finish against Grave Digger to only lose by a nose.  Amsoil Shock Therapy defeated Monster Mutt in the first round, but fell just a hair shy to Iron Warrior in the semi finals.  Both trucks came out to freestyle with blazing momentum, combos and nice air earning very respectful scores. The team met a lot of new fans and enjoyed the town of Greensboro.   Next stop for the team will be in the Mercedes Superdome in New Orleans.

SIR Unveils New Monster Truck

Redcat Racing X

(January 13, 2014) The SIR team unveiled a new truck at the Monster X Tour this past weekend in Lake Charles, LA.  The Redcat Racing Racer X Monster Truck will compete in events throughout the United States.  Check out more photos and the SIR team schedule.

Sudden Impact Racing Debuts New Talent, Continuing Winning Tradition

Contributed by: Ross Bonar

(Jefferson, Louisiana) – After a major team restructuring following the completion of first quarter, many fans wondered if Sudden Impact Racing would be able to continue its winning tradition. Following several weeks of competition with the new look team, the answer to that question is a resounding yes. Let us to introduce you to the new team at Sudden Impact Racing and recap their first few weeks behind the wheel.

We are excited to welcome the new wheelman of the high profile Amsoil Shock Therapy ride, Jeremy Brady of Stringer, Mississippi. Brady made waves in the monster truck industry earlier in 2012 when he purchased the legendary 1957 Chevrolet Casper truck from Dale Harris and restored the truck to its original beauty.

After meeting team owner Brandon Lagarde, Brady got the call to drive the 2-time World Finalist Amsoil truck.

The new beginning for Sudden Impact Racing kicked off as the Monster Truck Racing Super Series made its annual stop at Fort Smith, Arkansas’ Kay Rodgers Park.

With strong competition from the Monster Truck Mafia’s Devin Jones and Barbarian, along with Greg & Zach Adams and their beautiful Bar’s Leaks Eliminator and Rislone Defender rides, Sudden Impact Racing had their work cut out for them. The Redcat Racing Ground Pounder and Amsoil Shock Therapy made strong runs in all competitions. The highlight was Sudden Impact Racing’s return to victory lane both nights, marching through the brackets to a complete sweep of the weekend’s side-by-side straight line drag racing competitions.


Amsoil Shock Therapy Draws Record Crowd at Pit Stop

Sept 26, 2012. The Sudden Impact Racing Team was on hand for the annual Harley Davidson of New Orleans bike night. The Amsoil Shock Therapy monster truck was the main attraction drawing a record crowd of over 500 people. Everyone from grown men to little kids lined up to get a rare up close glimpse of a real life monster and shock therapy didn’t disappoint revving its 1600 hp engine to the amazement of the crowd.

Sudden Impact Racing Team to Be Featured at November Monster Truck Fest

Mark your calendars to head out to the Monster Truck Fest at the No Problem Raceway in Belle Rose, Louisiana on November 3rd and 4th. Join the Sudden Impact Racing Team and their monster trucks – Amsoil Shock Therapy, Grounder Pounder, Chiller and Sudden Impact, along with other fan favorites Brute Force and Crash Master. Win a chance to drive a Monster Truck (minimum age 18 years old).

It’s a weekend packed with off road ATV, UTV and Tough Truck races. All race entries are $25 and must pre-register.

On Saturday, gates open at 8:00 AM, racing starts at Noon with a Pit Party from 10 AM – 11 AM. Sunday, gates open at 10:00 AM, racing starts at 2 PM, with a Pit Party from Noon – 1 PM. Adult tickets are $20 / day or $35 for a 2-Day Pass, and kids 15 and under are only $10. Active military are free with ID.

For more information contact Mike at

No Problem Raceway is located at 6470 Highway 996 in Belle Rose, LA. Overnight camping spots and track-side parking spots available. 1-866-50-RACING.

Amsoil Shock Therapy Supports Sears Safety Awareness Month in Houma

Amsoil Shock Therapy at Sears Safety Awareness Month

(October 13, 2012) Houma,Louisiana.  The Sudden Impact Racing team was on hand with Amsoil Shock Therapy for display at the annual Sears Safety Awareness Month. The Sudden Impact crew displayed the safety precautions that take place in day-to-day operations in the monster truck industry, as well as all the safety features that are implemented on the monster trucks. Kids were allowed to climb in the seat of Shock Therapy, put on the helmet and neck restraint as well as the safety harness to get a real feel for what a monster truck driver goes through. The Houma Police Dept, Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Dept, Houma Fire Dept, local Military and other law enforcement agencies were on hand to display their specialty vehicles and safety equipment and techniques. Sudden Impact was grateful for the invite to the event and wants to thank everyone that turned out for a great cause.


New Engines Take Sudden Impact Racing Team to Higher Level

New Sudden Impact Engine

(October 15, 2012) Jefferson, Louisiana.  Sudden Impact Racing is proud to announce the addition of the all new Sudden Impact Racing Engines.  Brandon Lagarde decided that with the team back in New Orleans and with all new drivers that it was time to take the team to a higher level.  The new engines come from a local proven race engine builder and have higher horsepower levels than ever before!!!  The Sudden Impact drivers are extremely excited to get a chance to get behind the wheel of the all new engines.  Amsoil Shock Therapy driver Jeremy Brady was quoted as saying, “The Sudden Impact Racing Team is looking forward to a great 2013 season.”   The team will also be sending that new found power through all new racing transmissions built by local Pro Mod record setter JoJo Lafrance of Custom Built Transmission in Westwego, LA.  The team has already had the chance to test Custom Built’s transmissions out and couldn’t be happier, you can contact Custom Built at

Sudden Impact Sweeps Events at Southern Monster Truck Showdown

November 30, December 1 2012.  Lake City, Florida.

The last show of the year proved to be the most memorable for the Sudden Impact Team as all 4 trucks traveled to Lake City, FL.  Friday night’s wheelie winner was the Chiller truck with a completely vertical launch and wild landing.  Side-by-side racing was won by Jeremy Brady in Shock Therapy.

The big final freestyle came down to a cheer off between Ground Pounder driven by Mike Dufrene and Shock Therapy.  Shock Therapy got the win for a full sweep of the nights events for the Sudden Impact Team.

Saturday night proved to be another big night for the guys with Chiller winning wheelies, Shock Therapy winning side by side and Sudden Impact winning freestyle.  This was the first event that The Sudden Impact Team has swept all the events.

The drivers wanted to thank Brandon Lagarde for all his hard work and dedication to the team and this big final weekend win proved their gratitude to the owner.  Thank you to all the Sudden Impact fans, without you we would not be able to do what we do.  We want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday and we look forward to a great new year in 2013.

Sudden Impact “Chills” the Competition in Colorado

November 9-11, 2012.  Denver Colorado. 

The Sudden Impact Team got a last minute invite to come put on a show in Denver at the Extreme Monster Truck Winter Nationals.  The guys drove 24 hours straight and made it just in time for the big event.  Although fatigued and road weary, it did not have any effect on the team as they came to win.  Chiller had  consistent wheelie attempts all weekend; did not lose a race in side-by-side racing; and was very impressive in freestyle with a big launch off the motorcross ramp Sunday night.  The Sudden Impact Team proved in the face of adversity that they can still make it happen!


Amsoil - Milwaukee, WI

January 18-19, 2013 – Milwaukee, WI   Sudden Impact Racing’s Amsoil Shock Therapy was on hand at the BMO Harris Bradly Center in Milwaukee with some of the best Monster Jam drivers.  Amsoil Shock Therapy came away from the big event with a string of victories starting on Friday night by winning the wheelie contest with a score of 24, only coming in two points behind the leader for freestyle.

Amsoil Shock Therapy kept the momentum alive Saturday night by giving the crowd a 24 in the wheelie contest, tying for second place.  The crowd cheered the team on as they made the semifinals in the racing round.  With another successful weekend complete, the team will head to Phoenix, AZ on January 25 to make their presence felt.

Jackson Mississippi Fans Welcome New Sudden Impact Team

Ground Pounder - Jackson, MSAmsoil - Jackson, MS

January 19-20, 2013 – Jackson,MS -  The Sudden Impact Team received a last minute call from the Monster X Tour to participate in the Jackson, Mississippi event.   Amsoil Shock Therapy and Redcat Racing Ground Pounder put on quite a show for the Jackson fans during the two day event. Redcat Racing Ground Pounder had a wild ride with the truck turning a full 180 degree turn mid-flight.   Amsoil Shock Therapy went completely vertical on the kicker cars with the biggest air of the weekend.   Solid efforts from the team in J-Hook racing and Freestyle finished out the weekend.

Sudden Impact Racing Team Competes in 5 Shows in 3 Days at Monster Jam in Hidalgo

Amsoil & Ground Pounder - Hidalgo, TXAmsoil - Hidalgo TX

January 11-13, 2013 – Hidalgo, TX – Sudden Impact Racing’s 2013 season got off to a great start at its first Monster Jam event in Hidalgo, Texas at The State Farm Arena.  Amsoil Shock Therapy and Redcat Racing Ground Pounder went through a full on Monster Jam gauntlet competing in 5 shows in 3 days.  The concrete floor made competing more difficult.

Sudden Impact Racing’s Redcat Racing Ground Pounder in the first wheelie contest did a fantastic sky wheelie giving him a solid 24 point score for a second place finish.  Amsoil Shock Therapy went to the semi-finals of racing and lost in a photo finish for first place.  The remainder of the (more…)

Wild Team Finish in Oklahoma

Amsoil Air in ArdmoreGround Pounder Wheelie in Ardmore

January 25-26, 2013 – Ardmore, OK — The Sudden Impact Racing team traveled to Ardmore, OK for their first Checkered Flag Productions show of the year.  Amsoil Shock Therapy and Redcat Racing Ground Pounder team had their work cut out for them with a tough lineup of trucks waiting for them in the Hardy Murphy Coliseum.  Right off the bat, the team stepped up to the plate with Amsoil Shock Therapy placing second in wheelies and Redcat Racing Ground Pounder taking third.  In the racing and freestyle events, the team finished third and fourth in each.

Saturday night the team raked in third and fourth place finishes in wheelies as the competition really stepped it up a notch.  Racing saw a wild finish with the Redcat Racing Ground Pounder and Amsoil Shock Therapy airing the trucks to a standing ovation.  Freestyle saw big air from Amsoil Shock Therapy coming within inches of the buildings lights hanging from the ceiling and a second place finish.  Redcat Racing Ground Pounder had a great run finishing third.  Sudden Impact would like to thank CFP and the fans for a great time in Ardmore.  Up next for the team is Biloxi, MS on Feb 1-2.

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Sudden Impact Racing Team Takes On Phoenix

Amsoil Shock Therapy - Phoenix, AZ

Ground Pounder - Phoenix, AZ

January 26, 2013 – Phoenix, AZ – Amsoil Shock Therapy Redcat Racing Ground Pounder performed at the Monster Jam event at Chase Field in Phoenix.  The sellout crowd experienced some extreme action from the 16-truck lineup.  Round one of racing would put Amsoil Shock Therapy in first place, but it couldn’t hold onto the title in the second round due to rear steering problems.  Redcat Racing Ground Pounder got a little too loose in the dirt causing it to fall behind in his competition.  The team made up for their racing performance in the freestyle competition.  Redcat Racing Ground Pounder got the crowd cheering with a solid 18 and Amsoil Shock Therapy would bring home a 19.  The team will be in Fargo, North Dakota on February 1-2.

Honorary SIR Member Joins Crew in Biloxi

Joseph "JoJo" Greer

February 2, 2013 — Biloxi, MS – A special guest Joseph “JoJo” Greer joined the Sudden Impact Racing team in Biloxi, MS.  The team had the privilege of meeting him and presenting him with an Amsoil Shock Therapy crew shirt.   JoJo hung out with the members of the team throughout the event.

Sudden Impact Racing Team Participates in North Dakota Monster Jam Show

February 1-2, 2013– Fargo, ND –The Sudden Impact Racing team traveled to the Fargo Dome for a two-day Monster Jam show.  Redcat Racing Ground Pounder started the night out with a solid 16 in the wheelie contest with Amsoil Shock Therapy scoring in at 23.

Saturday night Redcat Racing Ground Pounder qualified second beat out the competition in round 1 of racing but lost out in round 2.  The wheelie contest would have Redcat Racing Ground Pounder scoring a 15 and Amsoil Shock Therapy coming in with a 20.   In the freestyle round Redcat Racing Ground Pounder entertained the crowd scoring a 20 while Amsoil Shock Therapy received a solid 17.  The team is heading to Oklahoma City, OK on Feb 15-16.

Three Shows and a Perfect Wheelie Score in Biloxi, MS

Redcat Racing Ground Pounder - Biloxi, MS Monster Jam   Amsoil Shock Therapy 3- Biloxi, MS Monster Jam


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February 1-2 — Biloxi, MS –The Sudden Impact Racing team traveled to the Mississippi Coast Coliseum for a 3 show line up for Monster Jam.  Redcat Racing Ground Pounder set the bar early with a 21 in wheelies and Amsoil Shock Therapy with a 17.  Racing saw Amsoil Shock Therapy and Redcat Racing Ground Pounder in the semi finals with Amsoil Shock Therapy pulling off the win.  The final race was photo finish with Amsoil Shock Therapy barely getting edged out and breaking the rear on the landing. Redcat Racing Ground Pounder scored a 19 in freestyle for a solid third place finish.


Sudden Impact Racing Weather the Storm at Miami Monster Jam

Amsoil Shock Therapy - 2013 Monster Jam - Miami, FL

February 9 2013 — Sun Life Stadium, Miami Florida – The Sudden Impact team traveled to beautiful Miami Florida to take on 14 of Monster Jam’s toughest trucks on one of the event’s biggest stages. The guys had their work cut out for them with huge jumps and a torrential downpour 15 minutes before show time. Redcat Racing Ground Pounder and Amsoil Shock Therapy would both get first round losses with the rookie drivers fighting the slick course. Redcat Racing Ground Pounder suffered damage to the rear steer in racing and had to bow out for freestyle event, while Amsoil Shock Therapy had good momentum and combinations before blowing a tire. Sudden Impact Racing would like to thank Monster Jam and Miami, Florida for a great weekend, the team travels to Roanoke, Virginia for a three-show weekend on February 15-16.

Sudden Impact Team Turns On the Heat in Roanoke


February 15-16, 2013 – Roanoke, VA — The Sudden Impact Racing team traveled to Roanoke, Virginia for a three show weekend.  The team brought on their own heat as the outside temperature plummeted to 19 degrees.  Redcat Racing Ground Pounder and Amsoil Shock Therapy warmed up with good wheelie efforts on Friday night.   Redcat Racing Ground Pounder advanced to the UTI Championship round of racing and was barely edged out.

The 2 o’clock Saturday show saw even better wheelie efforts from the team, UTI Championship round of racing effort by Amsoil Shock Therapy, and great momentum in freestyle by Redcat Racing Ground Pounder.  The team turned up the heat Saturday night with the team’s biggest wheelie score of a 20 by Redcat Racing Ground Pounder.  Both trucks made the racing semifinals and were narrowly edged out.  Freestyle saw exciting performances from Redcat Racing Ground Pounder and Amsoil Shock Therapy’s ‘big air’ off the table top ramp.  The team heads to their hometown of New Orleans at the Mercedez Benz Superdome on February 23.

SIR Partners with Local Police to Promote Safe Teen Driving – DeLaSalle High School

Ground Pounder at DeLasalle High School in New Orleans

February 22, 2013 — New Orleans, LA – The Sudden Impact Racing Team partnered with the local New Orleans police department to present the dangers of texting and driving to the DeLaSalle High School student body.  Hundreds of students had the opportunity to get a close look at the Redcat Racing Ground Pounder.  See More Photos

Amsoil Shock Therapy Wins Donut Competitions in Oklahoma

February 16-17– Oklahoma City, OK – The Sudden Impact Racing team traveled to Oklahoma City for a 3 show Monster Jam event.  The 2pm Saturday show would start off the events with Amsoil Shock Therapy scoring an 18 in wheelies but losing out in the racing round to some strong competition.  The donut competition was a battle in which Amsoil Shock Therapy would edge out the competition scoring an 18, taking the win.  Freestyle would have Amsoil Shock Therapy coming in second with an awesome score of 24, just one point behind the leader.  Saturday night finished up with more competitive racing with Amsoil Shock Therapy scoring another 18 in wheelies.

Sunday, Amsoil Shock Therapy tied the competition for second place in the wheelies but was edged out in the first racing round.  The crowd got on their feet as Amsoil Shock Therapy came back with a vengeance for the donut competition scoring a whopping 27 points and taking the win.  The team heads to Macon, Georgia for a show on Feb 22-23.


Sudden Impact Racing Team’s Clean Sweep in Sedalia

SIR in Sedalia, MO

March 1-2, 2013 — Sedalia, Missouri –Sudden Impact Racing traveled to Sedalia for the Monster Truck Racing Super Series.  Unfortunately for the guys over a foot of snow blanketed the area before their arrival. Sudden Impact’s young guns would not be deterred as they came with one mission – winning everything!  Friday night’s show had five events and Sudden Impact’s hard charger Redcat Racing Ground Pounder swept them all, with Amsoil Shock Therapy finishing second in all events. The Saturday night show saw temperatures dip below 15° but Sudden Impact was more than happy to bring on the heat!  The Sudden Impact Racing Team battled it out to be the night’s top competitor with Redcat Racing Ground Pounder getting big air off the van stack in freestyle, while Amsoil Shock Therapy wowed the crowd with amazing momentum and cross threading. When the dust settled, the Sudden Impact Racing Team made a complete sweep, winning all ten events over the weekend!  More Photos

Sudden Impact Racing Wins Freestyle Events in Andrews, Texas

March 8-10– Andrews Texas– Sudden Impact Racing traveled to Andrews, Texas for the Monster Truck Weekend of Destruction featuring seven of the nation’s top trucks.  Friday night saw good wheelies from Amsoil Shock Therapy and Redcat Racing Ground Pounder.  During the best trick contest Redcat Racing Ground Pounder amazed the crowd with cyclone donuts, while Amsoil Shock Therapy walked a great slap wheelie.  Redcat Racing Ground Pounder reached great momentum and air, and Amsoil Shock Therapy wowed the crowd with some huge air and the second place freestyle finish.  Saturday’s show saw even better efforts from the team and a second place donut win from Amsoil Shock Therapy.  Redcat Racing Ground Pounder wowed the crowd in freestyle leading to a second place finish.  Sunday was all about Redcat Racing Ground Pounder with great wheelies, donuts, and a big freestyle win.   Big thanks to Andrews, Texas and Jerry Perry for a great weekend.

New Video Posted – In The Driver’s Seat

Get behind the wheel of Amsoil Shock Therapy!  Check out the video of “In the Driver’s Seat”.  Exciting footage from Sedalia, Missouri Monster Truck Event!

SIR Team Travels Over 2,000 Miles to World Finals

SIR Team in Pocatello, ID

April 6, 2013 — Holt Arena, Pocatello, Idaho –  The Sudden Impact Racing team traveled to Pocatello, Idaho with four trucks – Amsoil Shock Therapy,  Redcat Racing Ground Pounder, Sudden Impact and Cardiac Arrest to compete in the Checkered Flag Productions World Finals.  The team traveled over 2000 miles to show CFP and the fans that they were willing and able to compete.  Holt Arena was a packed house with over 13,000 fans on hand to witness some of the best trucks from the independent monster truck world.  Redcat Racing Ground Pounder and Amsoil Shock Therapy placed third and fourth in the night’s first event, the wheelie competition.  Three of the trucks placed in racing event with a first place win for Redcat Racing Ground Pounder, Sudden Impact in third and the debuting Cardiac Arrest took fourth.   In the final event of the night, all of the Sudden Impact Racing Team trucks put on quite a show in freestyle, getting the crowd involved.   The team would like to thank Riley’s Hotshots for some great pictures and CFP for the invite.  The team travels to Fort Smith, AR and Naples, FL on April 26, 2013.  More Photos


Redcat Racing Ground Pounder Sweeps Races in Naples

SIR Team in Naples Florida

April 26-28 — Naples, FL – The Sudden Impact Racing team traveled to Naples, Florida to participate in the Monster Truck X-Treme Maniac show.  The Collier County fans welcomed the SIR team and were entertained by the action-packed shows throughout the weekend.   Redcat Racing Ground Pounder had an outstanding racing weekend, winning all four races.  Amsoil Shock Therapy took home a second place win on Sunday.  Both trucks had the fans on their feet with solid freestyle runs.  Sudden Impact travels to Swainsboro, GA on May 17-18. More Pics

Sudden Impact Gives Georgia Fans One Wild Weekend

May 17-18 — Swainsboro, GA — Sudden Impact Racing was invited to the Georgia Sports Arena to compete with some of the top monster trucks.  The Sudden Impact monster truck gave the fans one wild weekend.  Taking home racing wins both Friday and Saturday night   Amsoil Shock Therapy made a solid showing getting the crowd to its feet with a good freestyle.  Sudden Impact wowed the crowd with an awesome win in freestyle.  The team travels to Springdale, AR on May 31.

Sudden Impact Truck Wins Freestyle and Races in Arkansas

May 31-June 1 – Springdale, AR - Sudden Impact Racing traveled to Parson’s Stadium in Arkansas to compete with some of the top monster trucks.  After a rained out Friday night show, The Sudden Impact truck made quite a name for itself in the winner’s circle on Saturday night winning the racing and freestyle competitions.    Amsoil Shock Therapy put on a great freestyle getting the crowd to its feet several times.  The team travels to Amite, La on June 7-9 to the Florida Parish Arena.

SIR Team Moves into New High Tech Shop

New SIR Facility

(7/10/2013)  The Sudden Impact Racing Team has been hard at work upgrading and revamping the whole team with upgrades to trucks, trailers, and rigs at our new state-of-the-art shop at the beautiful ‘adrenaline junkie playground’ called Nola Motorsports Park.   Look for a whole new driver program, team look, and attitude coming soon to events in Arkansas, Texas, Florida and Missouri.  Don’t miss us!

Batesville Fans Experience Sudden Impact

July 26 – 28, 2013, Batesville, AR – The Sudden Impact team traveled to Batesville, Arkansas this past weekend with Amsoil Shock Therapy driven by Steven Hill and Sudden Impact driven by James Chandler ready to lay down the law.  After the latest improvements made by the team and with the awesome line up at hand, it was set to be a fight with Bigfoot, Razing Cane and Ice Cream Man – all ready to battle it out Arkansas-style.

Friday night was a good night with Sudden Impact coming out first in the wheelie contest and throwing out some big hits to wow the crowd.  Amsoil Shock Therapy put it all on the line with near vertical leaps on both stacks earning him a second place in wheelies. Racing was a big Chicago style track with Amsoil Shock Therapy putting Bigfoot out second round and making his way to the finals against Razing Cane.  The slick turns would take him down earning him another second place. Then it was all about freestyle!   Sudden Impact wowed the crowed with good momentum and big air.  Amsoil Shock Therapy came out with blistering momentum big air, awesome slap wheelies, and a good cyclone to finish his run earning him a second place again.

Saturday night would turn out to be an amazing show with Sudden Impact making solid showings all night, including a third place in an awesome field of racers and a very solid effort in freestyle.  Amsoil Shock Therapy was on a mission to bring home a win to the Big Easy.  Laying down two more insane wheelies earned another second place. But in racing, second wouldn’t cut it!   Ice Cream Man was taken down in the first round and Sudden Impact in the second round.  And, laying down the fastest run of the weekend in the finals against Bigfoot Amsoil Shock Therapy brought home the win. Freestyle was set to be epic with insane momentum. Huge air tailgate-dragging power wheelies set the bar high to bring home another second place.

All-in-all the town of Batesville will remember the SUDDEN IMPACT that the team left behind this weekend. Thanks to the Monster X Tours for having us.   Next week it’s off to Benton, Missouri for the second leg of our Midwest tour.

Amsoil Shock Therapy Nearly Sweeps the Weekend in Benton

Benton Missouri-August 2013

August 2-3, 2013 — Benton, MO — Amsoil Shock Therapy and Sudden Impact were at Benton Raceway Park this weekend for Monster Mania along with Scorpion, Iron Horse and Incinerator for some hardcore monster truck competition.  Amsoil Shock Therapy made a clean sweep Friday night with Wheelie Contest, Racing and Freestyle victories. All of the trucks had solid runs with Sudden Impact right behind Amsoil Shock Therapy all through the night.

Saturday night Amsoil Shock Therapy would once again win the wheelie competition and racing, but a planetary would keep the truck from sweeping the weekend. Sudden Impact came out with a killer run with great momentum and big hits on the whole track to earn him a second place in freestyle. The team is very grateful to Benton Raceway Park for having us. What a awesome show!

Now the team heads back to the shop for maintenance before we make our way to Odessa, Texas for main attraction promotions. View Photos



Amsoil Shock Therapy Crowned Racing Champion in Odessa

Amsoil Shock Therapy in Odessa

August 23-24, 2013 — Odessa, TX — The SIR team traveled to Odessa, TX for the Main Attraction Promotions event. Amsoil Shock Therapy and Sudden Impact competed against some heavy competition, including Avenger, Wrecking Crew, Straight Jacket and Tuff E Nuff. Friday night was an action packed show with good performances from all.  Amsoil Shock Therapy would come away the “Racing Champion” against Avenger in the finals. The same two trucks battled it out in freestyle with huge air resulting in Amsoil Shock Therapy’s close second place finish behind Avenger in a “Cheer-Off.”

Saturday nite would be a carbon copy of Friday with Amsoil Shock Therapy again winning the racing championship. Another very close “Cheer-Off” between Avenger and Amsoil Shock Therapy would go to Avenger.  Thanks to the whole crew from M.A.P for an awesome event! View more event photos.

Touch a Truck event at St. Francis Xavier School in Old Metairie a Kid’s Dream

November 4, 2013 – Metairie, LA — ( –

Monster trucks, a cement mixer, a SWAT unit truck, a fire truck and a bulldozer: These trucks and more were part of the St. Francis Xavier Catholic School Men’s Club “Touch A Truck” event held on Nov. 2 on the school grounds. Kids and grownups were able to climb on, in, over and through these big trucks and emergency vehicles.
Members of the Jefferson Parish Fire Department, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office SWAT team unit, the U.S. National Guard, emergency medical workers and members of the Sudden Impact Racing Team were on hand, showing attendees the inner workings of the vehicles.
Proceeds support St. Francis Xavier Catholic School.

Event organizer and St. Francis Xavier Men’s Club member Carlos Calix said the Men’s Club wanted to hold a fundraiser that was new and different from what is traditionally done by so many groups.

“Everyone has fish frys, gumbo cook-offs and crawfish boils as fundraisers,” Calix said. “We were looking to do something different that would not only raise money for St. Francis Xavier Catholic School, but also put kids in touch with those who serve the community.”

Calix talked with a friend who lives in Connecticut and asked about the types of fundraisers that were done in Connecticut in order to get some ideas for different types of fundraisers. Calix’s buddy told him about “Touch A Truck.” With the success of this year’s event, the St. Francis Xavier Men’s Club hopes to make the “Touch A Truck” event an annual fundraiser.

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Off Season Video and 2014 Schedule Released

Brandon Lagarde Makes Ground Pounder Dance In the Off Season….Watch Video

(January 9, 2014) The SIR Team is geared up for the 2014 Season!  A new schedule has been posted.  The team will be kicking off the season this weekend with Amsoil Shock Therapy and Ground Pounder in Greensboro, North Carolina for Monster Jam, while Sudden Impact and the Redcat Racing Racer X  head to Lake Charles, Louisiana to compete in Monster X Tour.  Check back often for more SIR Team News!