Sudden Impact Racing Announces Intellectual Property Rights Procurement

Jefferson, Louisiana – Sudden Impact Racing, LLC., today reported that it has been awarded a U.S. patent on its innovative and lightweight monster truck tire.

U.S. Patent D607,401 was issued January 5, 2010, to Sudden Impact Racing, LLC, by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. CEO Brandon Lagarde commented, “We are very proud, as this marks the culmination of our efforts to bring a quality, lightweight tire to this industry.” The issuance of US Patent D607,401 complements Sudden Impact Racing’s Copyright on the tire’s design, already issued November 28, 2007. “With the patent in place, we now have cemented our rights as the exclusive producer of this effective product in America,” Lagarde continued.

Sudden Impact’s procurement of this intellectual property protection is critical, as several would-be competitors have been reported to be dumping grey market knock-off goods on the worldwide market of Monster Truck tires at cut-rate pricing since Sudden Impact’s filing for protection in 2007. “Unfortunately, the tires that we’ve seen on the market that are infringing our design are substandard, both in terms of workmanship and design. They’ve attempted to copy our look, but are far from being of the same quality,” lamented Lagarde. “Unfortunately, most people don’t even know they are purchasing illicit products, and have wound up with an inferior tire. We have real concerns about the safety of these drivers who utilize these unapproved tires, as well as the other implications this may mean for those who have purchased these tires.”

The “other implications” to which Lagarde refers are the additional reality that unsuspecting customers who have purchased these illicit products may find themselves unwittingly responsible for large amounts of taxes and fees not included in the purchase price of the tires that were not paid by these surreptitious infringers and may end up the responsibility of the customer. “Our tires include all the fees and taxes, prepaid by Sudden Impact, that are required by the legal, ethical production and importation of these tires so that our customers don’t get any nasty surprises later,” explained Lagarde. “We want to ensure our customer’s interests are looked after, so we take those steps. That may mean a more expensive product, but as they say, ‘you get what you pay for.’”

In furtherance of Sudden Impact Racing’s ideology in protecting their customers, it intends to launch a complete policing effort to quash the several sources of these infringing, and potentially hazardous products. “This Patent and Copyright protection issued by the Federal Government will now also enable us to prosecute infringers in the marketplace to the fullest extent of the law, who have, for far too long now, been polluting the market with substandard products that have attempted, unsuccessfully, to mimic our original tire.” Sudden Impact Racing encourages any customers who believe they may have purchased infringing tires to contact their office, so that potentially affected customers can ensure any grey-market products are replaced with factory-fresh, authorized products for the best interests of the consumer and the drivers.

Lagarde concluded, “We are excited and encouraged that the U.S. Government has recognized our enterprising efforts in this field and awarded our innovation, and look forward to continuing to serve our customers by supplying exciting products to this industry.”

About Sudden Impact Racing, LLCSudden Impact Racing, LLC was formed over fifteen years ago. Sudden Impact Racing has since been competitively participating in various racing series and promotion venues. In 2004, current CEO Brandon Lagarde acquired the full rights to Sudden Impact, LLC., and was promptly named one of the top five monster truck companies in the Clear Channel Entertainment Monster Jam points series. Sudden Impact, LLC, has also been the recipient of the Monster Jam Innovation Award. Sudden Impact, LLC, has designed several products for the players and purveyors of this sport and ancillary activities, and also design, build, supply, and run their own vehicles and components in shows and races across the Country.

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US Design Patent for Sudden Impact Racing Tire

US Copyright Registration Certificate for Sudden Impact Racing Tire