Team Amsoil/SIR Tears up Elko; Pontiac Prep

Elko, MN-No matter the size of the crowd or the profile of the event, Team Amsoil/SIR comes to race hard, and that is exactly what Amsoil Shock Therapy and Amsoil Excaliber did this weekend at Elko Speedway. At the freestyle-only exhibition, the crowd was treated to several great runs from Amsoil Shock Therapy, driven by Jon Zimmer, and Amsoil Excaliber, driven by Mitch Tulachka.

“The people from Elko Speedway seemed very happy with how we did,” said Zimmer. “Our goal is always to represent our team and sponsors well, and for that, it was mission accomplished.”

The “mission” Zimmer refers to apparently involved leaving nothing on the track, as Amsoil Shock Therapy nailed an amazing four slap wheelies, dragging the tailgate and wowing the crowd. Tulachka took Amsoil Excaliber through its paces as well, making the most of a substitute appearance behind the wheel.

“Zimmer is a friend of mine, and we made this thing happen for this weekend only,” he said. “We wanted to represent Amsoil and the team well. He always talks to me about how important it is to him to keep everyone in the stands and behind the scenes happy.”

Indeed everyone did go home happy, and for that, it was another mission accomplished for Team Amsoil/SIR.

Next, the team heads to a huge show at the Pontiac Silverdome. Sean Duhon and Ben Winslow have been busy in the New Orleans shop prepping trucks for that show, including a redo of the rear shocks on Winslow’s Redcat Racing Ground Pounder. Duhon also did a display in the Cult Energy Activator that went over well.

“It is always great to meet fans of the truck and the Cult Energy drink,” he said. “We know how important our sponsorship is, and we’re getting ready for the show in Pontiac so that things will go smoothly there.”

We will keep you updated on all the happenings from there!