Mud and Monsters in Oregon

Redmond, Oregon-Sudden Impact Racing returned stateside after a tour of Canada and kept rolling along, with more impressive finishes in Oregon. Cult Energy Activator made solid passes all weekend in the wheelie, racing, and freestyle competitions, then made the fans scream with a run through the mud pit on the track!

“We’re always looking for something different to do to make the fans happy,” said driver Sean Duhon. “We have a lot of cleaning to do on the truck now, but it was fun and everyone seemed to like it!”

In addition to Cult Energy Activator, Redcat Racing Ground Pounder stole some highlights as well, with driver Brandon Lagarde making a final round of racing and putting some nice touches on freestyle as well.

“We had a good weekend and pushed the other trucks to tear their stuff up trying to beat us,” Lagarde said. “Redcat Racing puts out a great product that doesn’t quit, and our monster truck didnt’ quit on us either!”

Another hot summer weekend full of success in the books for Sudden Impact Racing! Next up for the team is a trip to Victoria, British Columbia next weekend!