Cottage Grove, Oregon-Sudden Impact Racing continued its tour of success among the trees of Oregon, with spectacular moments and more victories to add to their growing list of summer success. Friday ended with the fans on their feet cheering for Redcat Racing Ground Pounder, as Chris Ryan got wild during his freestyle and ended up with a body that had seen better days, rolling the truck over. Mechanically, however, both Redcat Racing Ground Pounder and Cult Energy Activator worked perfectly, a testament to the Sudden Impact Racing Team’s work ethic and preparation.

“Cult and Redcat do a great job with the materials we need to get to the winner’s circle,” said Cult Energy Activator’s Ben Winslow. “In Oregon, we had a solid weekend, and did get a victory for the team!”

Cult Energy Activator and Redcat Racing Ground Pounder continued putting pressure on the rest of the field in racing, resulting in a final-round appearance for Cult Energy Activator and a racing victory for Redcat Racing Ground Pounder.

“We got a chance to tune some things with the engine and it worked out great,” said Ryan. “It was great to get a victory for Redcat Racing and our team, Sudden Impact Racing!”

Next up is a continuation of the tour of victories for Sudden Impact Racing, this weekend in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Kallispell, Montana-Sudden Impact Racing is on a major roll. Between Amsoil Shock Therapy and Amsoil Excaliber, the Sudden Impact Racing team swept two days’ worth of racing and freestyle in Kallispell. Amsoil Excaliber started the victory streak in Friday’s show, winning the donut contest, followed up with a big racing victory for Amsoil Shock Therapy. It was back to Amsoil Excaliber in freestyle, with driver Rich Hilgendorf launching the truck everywhere in the mud to roars of approval from the crowd. Saturday was more of the same, with Amsoil Excaliber taking the wheelie contest victory. Racing came down to the two Sudden Impact Racing Amsoil trucks in the finals, with Amsoil Excaliber just edging Amsoil Shock Therapy.

“Anytime our two trucks meet in the finals, it’s a good night,” said Amsoil Shock Therapy’s Jon Zimmer. “We love it when we can sweep a weekend or get close to it, and we had a great weekend here in Kallispell.”

The capper of the weekend was Amsoil Shock Therapy’s Saturday freestyle, which was highlighted by huge jumps and a run through a mud pit on the track! Amsoil Shock Therapy was no worse for wear mechanically, but there will be some cleaning to do before next weekend!

It was safe to say that many new Amsoil and Sudden Impact Racing fans were made on the weekend due to both the trucks’ and drivers’ performances on track and off. Next up for Sudden Impact Racing is Mount Pleasant, Michigan for a great show at Soaring Eagle Casino.