SIR Blazes Ft. Worth

(photos courtesy Trea Dodson) Fort Worth, Texas-Sudden Impact Racing ran as hot as the weather in Fort Worth, matching the blazing temperatures with red-hot races and freestyles all weekend. Redcat Racing Ground Pounder and Cult Energy Activator persevered, even with 100-plus degree temperatures on-track.

“It was a hot one this weekend, that is for sure,” said Cult Energy Activator’s Ben Winslow. “Sudden Impact Racing came through great though, and we didn’t miss any rounds and were competitive all weekend!”

Competitive was an understatement, as Cult Energy Activator made a final and semi-final round appearance in two days, and both Redcat Racing Ground Pounder and Cult Energy Activator put on outstanding freestyles to cap the weekend off.

“Redcat Racing Ground Pounder was great for me all weekend, and in this heat, having a truck that can do the job is big,” said driver Chris Ryan. “We made it a great weekend for Sudden Impact Racing.”

Big wheelies, great air, and fast racing passes left the crowd satisfied and the team ready to head to their next event. We’ll keep you posted!