SIR-Airing it Out Nationwide!

Monroe, Michigan and Rossburg, Ohio-Sudden Impact Racing was out in full force for Midwest Monster Truck Events’ Monroe, Michigan event, and made it two events in two states in two days, rounding out the weekend with an event at Eldora Speedway in Rossburg. Both places were a great success for Amsoil Shock Therapy and Amsoil Excaliber.

“It was an incredibly busy weekend, but we made it a great one for the team,” Amsoil Shock Therapy driver Jon Zimmer said. “I was able to take a couple of wins, and with the support of Amsoil and Sudden Impact Racing, we got it done!”

The first success of the weekend came from Zimmer’s teammate truck, Amsoil Excaliber. Chris “Panda” Ryan made his way to the racing final on a tricky S-style course, suffering a narrow defeat.

“I feel more and more comfortable in Amsoil Excaliber,” said Ryan. “I very much enjoy it every time I’m behind the wheel of this particular truck, and I think it showed this weekend.”

Indeed it did, as Amsoil Excaliber built on the racing success with a strong freestyle to get things started, then Amsoil Shock Therapy came out and bested all previous freestyles, taking the hands-down victory with a score of 26. Everywhere the fans looked, Amsoil Shock Therapy was there—big air, two-wheel saves, and plenty of momentum were key in another fantastic victory for the Amsoil Shock Therapy team.

“Every time I hit the track in Amsoil Shock Therapy, I have two things in mind,” said Zimmer. “One, please myself with my run, and two, please the fans and sponsors. Chances are, if I’ve done one, I’ve also made good on the other!”

After they made good on both in Monroe, the Sudden Impact Racing Team loaded up and headed to Rossburg, Ohio for a show at Eldora Speedway. Amsoil Shock Therapy would pick up right where it left off in Monroe, taking a wheelie contest victory, then experiencing engine trouble that would sideline the truck for the night.

“Sometimes in monster trucks you run things so hard for so long that eventually, something has to give no matter how much you maintain it,” said Zimmer. “Luckily for me, David Brown decided to be a great teammate and put me in Amsoil Excaliber for freestyle, and it worked out well.”

Brown had a good night racing Amsoil Excaliber, then turned things over to Zimmer as mentioned, demonstrating the great level of camaraderie and teamwork in Sudden Impact Racing.

“I was happy with the opportunity to drive Amsoil Excaliber at this show and a few others, and I knew that Zimmer wanted to please everyone and couldn’t with his engine being broken, so I decided to step out and let him have it,” said Brown.

The decision worked wonders for Amsoil Excaliber, as Zimmer was able to take another freestyle victory with his trademark huge air, great momentum, and high-speed donuts for the screaming fans. Now, the team heads to Michigan for a few repairs before heading on to the next show!

Cassopolis, Michigan-Sudden Impact Racing’s Redcat Racing Ground Pounder and Cult Energy Activator made the trip to Michigan for a wet event in Cassopolis, but each truck kept the fans happy with great performances all night.

“Sometimes it’s hard to get traction and do our maximum performance in wet conditions,” Redcat Racing Ground Pounder driver Ben Winslow said. “There are no excuses on this team, though. We came away with a good performance for Redcat, Cult, and Sudden Impact Racing.”

Cult Energy Activator and Redcat Racing Ground Pounder both got things started with great wheelies despite the aformentioned slick surface.

“I had a few electrical problems that kept my truck from competing in freestyle,” said Cult Energy Activator’s Chris Ryan. “It’s unfortunate that bad luck happens, but we’ll be back out there soon, and Ground Pounder picked up for me for sure!”

Redcat Racing Ground Pounder carried the SIR name proudly, skying the truck all over the place in Cassopolis to the delight of the fans. A huge highlight came when Winslow launched the truck in a huge leap over the bus stack on the track! Freestyle was a great showing for the team, and no further breakage occurred. Another show down, and no rest for the weary, as Sudden Impact Racing continues its fantastic summer tour. Another exciting weekend comes to a close for Sudden Impact Racing; next week sees the team in Honesdale, Pennsylvania and Rocky Mountain Raceway in Utah. We’ll keep you posted!