SIR Prepares for First Quarter; World Finals DVD

SIR SHOP, MICHIGAN-After the best season in its existence, Sudden Impact Racing is hard at work in the shop, preparing for the upcoming season in monster trucks. Jon Zimmer, Tim Bush, Chris Lagana, Chris Ryan, and many others have been putting in long hours to insure that 2010′s successes, including a berth in the Monster Jam World Finals in Las Vegas, are replicated.

“We’re proud to have the support of Brandon Lagarde and Sudden Impact Racing to do what we do on the track,” said Zimmer. “Everyone here has been preparing everything from the rigs we haul the trucks in to the trucks themselves. It’s been busy, but we’re hoping that we get noticed by the right people and it pays off.”

One of the first priorities at the current moment is the reworking of the oldest chassis in the fleet, which was the Redcat Racing Ground Pounder. It is getting an entirely new cradle (the area below the mainrails on the chassis, pictured below) and being brought up to the specs of the other three chassis in the fleet.

“It’s important to us to have all four of our trucks represent Sudden Impact Racing and the sponsors well,” said Bush. “Without the support we get, we can’t keep everything rolling and benefiting everyone involved, so we will be making sure we have four of the best trucks out there for 2011.”

Also, the team is building plenty of spare parts on a tight budget. This is the time of the year for shocks to be reworked, extra axles to be built and stored, and much more. Oftentimes the team makes the most they can out of what they have, but Zimmer says the team thrives on the support it gets.

“We are hoping our appearance and exposure in Las Vegas can lead to bigger things for Sudden Impact Racing,” he said. “What we do in this shop on this budget is nothing short of amazing.”

Also, Zimmer made headlines in winning Extreme Air of the Year award and Sudden Impact Racing was nominated for Team of the Year at the Monster Jam Awards banquet:


“I’d really like to get back to Vegas and have my teammates there as well,” said Zimmer. “I ended up being on the World Finals DVD and the special that CBS did on it, so that helped us. We need all of the support we can get from sponsors and our great fans!”

We will keep you posted on Sudden Impact Racing’s doings in the shop as well as future surprises!