SIR Goes Four Deep in Toronto!

Toronto, Ontario-Sudden Impact Racing’s Amsoil Shock Therapy, Amsoil Excaliber, Redcat Racing Ground Pounder, and Michigan Ice Monster all came together under one roof―one of the biggest in the sport, the Skydome in Toronto, Ontario―for a weekend of mayhem north of the United States Border.

After a racing portion that saw a spectacular end-over-end flip from Michigan Ice Monster and a semi-final appearance from Amsoil Shock Therapy, freestyle saw Redcat Racing Ground Pounder and Amsoil Excaliber put in great runs, with plenty of momentum to go around.

Amsoil Shock Therapy hit the track and quickly took the lead with a dizzying set of donuts, massive air, and huge cross threads, and even a few slap wheelies thrown in. There was no doubt as to who the crowd favorite team was—Sudden Impact Racing!

Night two saw more of the same, with no rollovers this time, but a few more broken parts on the way to exciting performances. Michigan Ice Monster kicked off the freestyle with a solid run, and then Amsoil Excaliber and Redcat Racing Ground Pounder both shone, with big air, and a meticulous plan to hit everything on the track and show the judges and fans what Sudden Impact Racing was capable of.

I was very happy with my freestyle and felt that I had a bit more left for the fans until my spindle broke,” said Redcat Racing Ground Pounder’s Chris Ryan. “I always want to do more for Redcat and the Sudden Impact team.”

Redcat Racing Ground Pounder held the lead until Amsoil Shock Therapy came out, taking the lead but experiencing the same breakage at about the same time period—another spindle snapped off and cut the truck’s performance short.

Toronto is one of the biggest stops on the Monster Jam tour, and we wanted to make sure the fans got their moneys’ worth,” said Amsoil Shock Therapy’s Jon Zimmer. “We have a lot of broken parts, but we refuse to let that get in the way of performing for our sponsors and fans.”

Sudden Impact Racing will be a part of shows in both Roanoke, Virginia and Indianapolis, Indiana this weekend. We will keep you posted!