Wins All Around and a WORLD RECORD for SIR!

Baton Rouge, LA-Sudden Impact Racing tires have done it again for the Overkill Monster truck, as on February 10 at State Capitol Raceway in an IHRA event, a 90 mile per hour speed on a 1/4 mile drag strip was reached. Congratulations to the Overkill and Sudden Impact Racing teams for collaborating on breaking a monster truck WORLD RECORD!

Salt Lake City, UT-Sudden Impact Racing’s Redcat Racing Ground Pounder and Michigan Ice Monster built on momentum from a solid Miami show with a spectacular weekend in Salt Lake City, putting to rest any ideas about who the top racing truck was throughout the weekend—Redcat Racing Ground Pounder!

The big story of the weekend was Redcat Racing Ground Pounder sweeping the two-show event’s racing on Saturday, besting all comers en route to a dominating performance. Young Chris Ryan was cutting great lights, which is essential on any straight-line course, and the wins stacked up quickly.

I felt great in the truck, and it was great to get these couple of wins for the team,” said Ryan. “We’re doing great, and I’m very excited to continue the season and build some momentum for Sudden Impact Racing.”

Also in the field was Michigan Ice Monster, who had a semifinal appearance in racing and more good wheelie competition and freestyle efforts as well. Again, both trucks proved they are superbly maintained with little to no damage as well. The durability and success of the Sudden Impact Racing team has them looking forward to more shows soon, and their next one will be in Lafayette, Lousiana after a short break to get things ready. We’ll keep you posted!

Cleveland, Ohio-Sudden Impact Racing’s Amsoil and Amsoil Excaliber announced their return to Cleveland with authority, with more victories added to an impressive total in the buckeye state. After a rather tough weekend in Rosemont that was taxing on both drivers and trucks, Sudden Impact Racing showed why they are in the top tier of the sport with a great bounce-back weekend.

The three-show weekend was solid all around for Amsoil Excaliber. In a two-truck effort, sometimes one truck needs to “set up” the other with a solid performance and no breakage, and that is what Amsoil Excaliber did. Amsoil Shock Therapy followed with great freestyle runs and pushed the other trucks hard all weekend, but the highlight was the racing competition, where two final-round appearances and a huge victory were the result of a ton of hard work from the entire Sudden Impact Racing team.

I was really happy to get back in the winner’s circle after Rosemont,” said Amsoil Shock Therapy driver Jon Zimmer. “I want to get back to the World Finals badly, and I think we’ve proven that we have the power to make noise there again this year if we’re chosen.”

Next, Sudden Impact Racing travels to Providence, Rhode Island for another multi-show weekend. We will keep you posted on all the action from there!