Rocky Mountain Sweep for SIR

Colorado National Speedway-Sudden Impact Racing’s Amsoil Shock Therapy and Amsoil Excaliber were joined by teammates Redcat Racing Ground Pounder and Michigan Ice Monster this weekend for a rare appearance of all four Sudden Impact Racing trucks at the same show. The results? A clean sweep of the weekend’s events, with strong performances from all four trucks, another fantastic showing for team Sudden Impact Racing.

Redcat Racing Ground Pounder is becoming well-known throughout the monster truck world for its strong freestyle efforts and never-say-die attitude of its drivers, and Chris “Panda” Ryan did his thing throughout the weekend, pushing the limits and teammate Jon Zimmer with Amsoil Shock Therapy. These two trucks, along with Amsoil Excaliber, were the class of the field and atop the leaderboards in all competitions, including Amsoil Shock Therapy’s victories in wheelie, long jump, and freestyle events.

It felt great to get all four Sudden Impact Racing trucks in one facility for a weekend,” said Zimmer. “We have some good team chemistry and understanding of our trucks right now, and it’s helping us succeed for all of our sponsors.”

Next up is more opportunity for success, with Billings, Montana scheduled this weekend. We will keep you posted on all the action from there!