Slick Sandusky Success for SIR

Sandusky, Ohio-Sudden Impact Racing’s Redcat Racing Ground Pounder and Michigan Ice Monster continued the success of the swamp-like conditions recently, making a total team effort and success the name of the game in Sandusky.

The night began with clear skies and the promise of a great event, then quickly dissipated until rain brought an abrupt end to the event. Sudden Impact Racing was able to steal the show before the end, however, with Michigan Ice Monster taking a wheelie contest victory and Redcat Racing Ground Pounder the big freestyle victory.

“It’s not always easy in muddy conditions, but we made the most of it because we don’t want to let the fans or Redcat Racing down,” said Ice Monster driver Chris Lagana. “We got to freestyle with both Sudden Impact trucks right before we got rained out, so we gave them their money’s worth and got some more seat time too!”

Overall it was another success for team Sudden Impact, proving once again that no matter what the conditions, perseverence pays. The team heads next to Colorado National Speedway. We will keep you posted on all the action from there!