Ground Pounder Dominates Hamilton

Hamilton, Ohio-Sudden Impact Racing’s Redcat Racing Ground Pounder has been on the road quite a bit, wrapping a successful stop in Canada, then heading back to the states and making a statement in Ohio. In two nights of competition in racing and freestyle, Redcat Racing Ground Pounder was undefeated, with fast racing passes and dominating freestyle runs.

“I feel at home driving Ground Pounder,” said driver Chris Ryan. “The truck worked great, and it was a big thrill to come out here and perform for all the great fans in Hamilton and take the big wins at both shows.”

Redcat Racing Ground Pounder didn’t lose a single race on the weekend, defeating every truck in the field at least once in a flawless effort. Reactions on the straight line racing course were key, and Ryan cut great lights both nights to flat-out dominate.

Redcat Racing Ground Pounder also put on one heck of a show in both freestyles, with big air over the van stack, slap wheelies, and a very fast pace around the track, resulting in hands-down wins both nights. The highlight of the weekend came when Ground Pounder took an awkward hit on the van stack, twisted sideways in midair, then landed hard on the right side, nearly flipping until Ryan did some quick thinking and powered out of the rollover.

“I thought I was going over for sure, but those rollovers are costly,” said Ryan. “I didn’t want to let the team down and the fans loved the move. We fixed the tire getting knocked off the bead during the save, and now we’re good to go for Gaithersburg, Maryland next week.”

Indeed they are, as Gaithersburg promises to be another exciting show. Redcat Racing Ground Pounder will build on the momentum there! We’ll keep you posted.