More Wins in Garden City

Houghton, Michigan and Garden City, Kansas-Sudden Impact Racing’s Amsoil Shock Therapy and Amsoil Excaliber’s whirlwind tour of destruction continued with events in Michigan and Kansas recently, and they didn’t disappoint.

In Houghton, Amsoil Shock Therapy saw some trouble, as a broken axle in the wheelie contest hindered the truck throughout the night. Teammate truck Amsoil Excaliber, however, continued to improve and picked things up with a final round appearance.

I am feeling better every week in Amsoil Excaliber,” said driver Kevin Koszala. “Jon had some bad luck and I was happy to be able to keep things going well for the team.”

Every time things don’t go Sudden Impact Racing’s way, they just come back harder and faster, and that is exactly what happened at the next event in Garden City. After being shut out of a victory on a weekend for the first time in months, Amsoil Shock Therapy and Jon Zimmer were ready to let it rip, and dominated the Sunday event with a racing and freestyle sweep. Amsoil Shock Therapy is known for taking a beating and continuing its freestyle runs as well as being fast on the race course, and it lived up to its reputation on the weekend. When the dust settled, Sudden Impact and Amsoil had another victorious weekend under their belts.

I love winning, and I love the support that we have,” said Zimmer. “We’ve just been running hard, keeping things going as best we can, and we went on a nice run. I’m excited to keep going!”

The team will do just that, as they are scheduled for Fayetteville, North Carolina this weekend. We will keep you posted on all the action from there!