Redcat Racing Ground Pounder/Michigan Ice Monster Crush Casper and Reno

Reno, Nevada and Casper, Wyoming-Redcat Racing Ground Pounder and Michigan Ice Monster have continued to thrill fans nationwide with a number of impressive performances recently, including some big wins.

It all started in Reno, where Michigan Ice Monster got the crowd on their feet early with good freestyles and a final-round appearance against teammate Redcat Racing Ground Pounder on night two. Lagana mentioned that it’s always a treat to race his teammate in the finals.

“Sudden Impact Racing trucks being the only two left is always are goal,” said Lagana. “It was nice to reach that goal, though I would have liked to win. If I have to lose to anyone, I’d rather it be to a teammate.”

That teammate was Chris Ryan and Redcat Racing Ground Pounder, who stole the show all weekend long with racing victories both nights, as well as a tie for freestyle in night two that was broken in a crowd cheer-off. When Redcat Racing Ground Pounder is in a groove, it’s tough to beat.

“We loved how Reno went,” said Ryan. “I had the Ground Pounder hooking up and moving just how I wanted it to, and it’s great to have these wins to take back to the shop.”

From there, it was on to Casper, Wyoming, where the success kept right on coming. Michigan Ice Monster continued to set the bar high early, with great momentum and air in its freestyle run. The long hours on the road pay off for the team when they thrill crowds and nothing breaks, and Lagana was pleased.

“I was happy with how I did in Ice Monster; it’s tough going out in the front half for freestyle sometimes so I may not get a shot at winning, but I make sure those fans are happy and try not to hurt the truck.”

Redcat Racing Ground Pounder closed out another successful weekend with a narrow defeat in the finals motivating a top-notch freestyle, with great air and tons of high-speed donuts, something Ryan felt was necessary in the small arena.

“We didn’t have a lot to work with, so I figured I’d find something different and unique to excite the crowd,” he said. “Donuts are always a winner and show some skill on the driver’s part too. We were happy to come away with another win. Three in two weeks is great!”

The team heads next to Dixie Speedway in Woodstock, Georgia. We’ll keep you posted!