Amsoil Shock Therapy Starts Strong in 2012

Evansville, IN-Sudden Impact Racing’s Amsoil Shock Therapy began the 2012 season with a bang at the Ford Center in Evansville. With a full lineup of some of the best monster trucks in the world, Amsoil Shock Therapy was up to the challenge of standing out from the pack. Driver Jon Zimmer was out of his normal chassis for this show, but for an experienced veteran, this presented no problems and most fans did not know the difference. It was a weekend of challenges and Amsoil Shock Therapy came through.

The night started off strong, with the wheelie contest presenting an opportunity to make a statement early. Amsoil Shock Therapy made that statement with two fantastic wheelies that Zimmer rode across the cars. A spectacular opening to the 2012 season saw the night take a bit of an unlucky turn afterwards Following the racing portion of the show, a broken axle caused Zimmer some trouble. But as the two-time World Finals competitor knows, it’s just an opportunity to overcome adversity.

“Sometimes things don’t go the way we want, and with a truck that wasn’t 100%, I still gave the fans my best, and that’s what matters to me at the end of the day,” he said. “I never want to let the fans or Amsoil down, and that’s always been my goal.”

On that goal, it was mission accomplished, as despite the truck’s ailment, Zimmer put Amsoil Shock Therapy through its paces in a high-speed performance, attacking the cars and van stack at all sorts of angles and keeping great momentum. Another truck had rolled over trying for a donut earlier, but that didn’t stop Amsoil Shock Therapy! Zimmer had the truck spinning so fast it was on three wheels for part of the donut, and when he emerged from the truck, the crowd was cheering. Again, night one was mission accomplished for the Amsoil Shock Therapy team, and it was a victory over adversity in Evansville.

Night two saw more of the same, with Amsoil Shock Therapy planting the truck on the wheelie bar in both the afternoon and evening shows, then enjoying two great freestyles. The Sudden Impact Racing team proved once again that there is no challenge it can’t handle. Next week, the team heads to Tacoma, Washington, and there will be more action and excitement! Stay tuned!