SIR Continues Winning – Tampa and Sacramento

Tampa, Florida-Sudden Impact Racing’s Redcat Racing Ground Pounder and Michigan Ice Monster took on Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium this past weekend for a high-profile show and did not disappoint despite some challenges. The night began with racing, where it was Redcat Racing Ground Pounder making an impression. Driver Chris “Panda” Ryan had the truck turning very well all night and was smooth in taking out Gun Slinger in round one, then pushed world champion Grave Digger to the limit before a close loss. After that, it was game on in freestyle before a bad bounce shot the truck over on its lid.

“I feel very good about the racing program we have put together,” said Ryan. “These Scorpion engines pack a lot of power, and Redcat Racing gives us the backing to go out and run hard, just like you can do with the Ground Pounder RCs.”

In freestyle, Michigan Ice Monster got the crowd going early despite only having two wheel drive for the majority of his run. Lagana powered through the biggest obstacles on the track despite having half of the pulling power he normally would, airing the Ice Monster out and getting the most out of it. Sometimes drivers simply park their trucks in this situation, but not Lagana.

“I was out to put on a show after not running last week,” he said. “I didn’t want to give up and disappoint everyone. That’s not what any of us on the team are about. I can’t wait til next week, because this engine has plenty of power and I want to take some wins!”

Redcat Racing Ground Pounder and Michigan Ice Monster will look to do just that headed into their next show at the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. Stay tuned!

Sacramento, California-Sudden Impact Racing’s Amsoil Shock Therapy and Amsoil Excaliber made their way to California for some west coast monster truck action at Power Balance Pavilion in Sacramento, and it became another successful weekend. Wins always make a weekend of monster trucks a little better, and Sacramento proved that once again. Both Amsoil monster trucks from the Sudden Impact Racing team were running hard.

To kick off the three-show weekend, Amsoil Shock Therapy’s Jon Zimmer found it appropriate to remind everyone why he’s been a two-time World Finals competitor, dusting the field and taking a big racing win right off the bat.

“This Scorpion Racing engine is bad fast,” said Zimmer. “I have all the power I want, and it’s exciting knowing that you have the tools to get the job done. It was a great weekend for Sudden Impact Racing and the Amsoil team.”

The show announcer also filled the fans in on the ‘Zimmer Effect,’ which he told the crowd meant, “if you run your truck hard, one day you could end up at the World Finals.”

Indeed, it was a great weekend, as the action didn’t stop there. For all three shows, a Sudden Impact Racing truck was in the finals of racing. Kevin Koszala and Amsoil Excaliber was able to do it in the second show, and Zimmer made a return trip to the finals in Amsoil Shock Therapy. Amsoil Shock Therapy also finished in the runner-up spot twice in freestyle. This balanced attack meant that the fans in Sacramento got plenty of exposure to the trucks, and the impression was made–both Amsoil trucks are here to win in 2012.

The Sudden Impact Racing team also sends thanks to Donald Epidendio and the Titan team for their shop and hospitality throughout the weekend. Monster truck drivers are a big family, and Epidendio treated the team well. Next, the trucks take on Anaheim, California, site of some past Amsoil Shock Therapy success. We’ll keep you posted!