Sudden Impact Sweeps Events at Southern Monster Truck Showdown

November 30, December 1 2012.  Lake City, Florida.

The last show of the year proved to be the most memorable for the Sudden Impact Team as all 4 trucks traveled to Lake City, FL.  Friday night’s wheelie winner was the Chiller truck with a completely vertical launch and wild landing.  Side-by-side racing was won by Jeremy Brady in Shock Therapy.

The big final freestyle came down to a cheer off between Ground Pounder driven by Mike Dufrene and Shock Therapy.  Shock Therapy got the win for a full sweep of the nights events for the Sudden Impact Team.

Saturday night proved to be another big night for the guys with Chiller winning wheelies, Shock Therapy winning side by side and Sudden Impact winning freestyle.  This was the first event that The Sudden Impact Team has swept all the events.

The drivers wanted to thank Brandon Lagarde for all his hard work and dedication to the team and this big final weekend win proved their gratitude to the owner.  Thank you to all the Sudden Impact fans, without you we would not be able to do what we do.  We want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday and we look forward to a great new year in 2013.