Sudden Impact Racing Team Competes in 5 Shows in 3 Days at Monster Jam in Hidalgo

Amsoil & Ground Pounder - Hidalgo, TXAmsoil - Hidalgo TX

January 11-13, 2013 – Hidalgo, TX – Sudden Impact Racing’s 2013 season got off to a great start at its first Monster Jam event in Hidalgo, Texas at The State Farm Arena.  Amsoil Shock Therapy and Redcat Racing Ground Pounder went through a full on Monster Jam gauntlet competing in 5 shows in 3 days.  The concrete floor made competing more difficult.

Sudden Impact Racing’s Redcat Racing Ground Pounder in the first wheelie contest did a fantastic sky wheelie giving him a solid 24 point score for a second place finish.  Amsoil Shock Therapy went to the semi-finals of racing and lost in a photo finish for first place.  The remainder of the weekend would play out the same with Redcat Racing Ground Pounder and Amsoil Shock Therapy taking turns going to the semi-finals of racing.

The highlight of the weekend was Sunday night’s show with Amsoil Shock Therapy getting its best scores of the weekend with a 17 in doughnuts, 19 in wheelies,  a semi-final finish, and 21 in freestyle.  Redcat Racing Ground Pounder received 24 points in wheelies, 15 in doughnuts, and a 15 in freestyle.  The team travels to Biloxi, Mississippi Feb 1-2 for their next show.