Sudden Impact Racing Team Participates in North Dakota Monster Jam Show

February 1-2, 2013– Fargo, ND –The Sudden Impact Racing team traveled to the Fargo Dome for a two-day Monster Jam show.  Redcat Racing Ground Pounder started the night out with a solid 16 in the wheelie contest with Amsoil Shock Therapy scoring in at 23.

Saturday night Redcat Racing Ground Pounder qualified second beat out the competition in round 1 of racing but lost out in round 2.  The wheelie contest would have Redcat Racing Ground Pounder scoring a 15 and Amsoil Shock Therapy coming in with a 20.   In the freestyle round Redcat Racing Ground Pounder entertained the crowd scoring a 20 while Amsoil Shock Therapy received a solid 17.  The team is heading to Oklahoma City, OK on Feb 15-16.