Three Shows and a Perfect Wheelie Score in Biloxi, MS

Redcat Racing Ground Pounder - Biloxi, MS Monster Jam   Amsoil Shock Therapy 3- Biloxi, MS Monster Jam


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February 1-2 — Biloxi, MS –The Sudden Impact Racing team traveled to the Mississippi Coast Coliseum for a 3 show line up for Monster Jam.  Redcat Racing Ground Pounder set the bar early with a 21 in wheelies and Amsoil Shock Therapy with a 17.  Racing saw Amsoil Shock Therapy and Redcat Racing Ground Pounder in the semi finals with Amsoil Shock Therapy pulling off the win.  The final race was photo finish with Amsoil Shock Therapy barely getting edged out and breaking the rear on the landing. Redcat Racing Ground Pounder scored a 19 in freestyle for a solid third place finish.

In the second show Redcat Racing Ground Pounder scored a 22 and Shock Therapy an 18 in wheelies.  In the racing round Redcat Racing Ground Pounder defeated the competition in the first round.  Redcat Racing Ground Pounder lost the front end in a hard landing off the van stacks scoring him a 10.  Amsoil Shock Therapy with good momentum and launching the kicker ramp scored a 23.

The third show saw something rarely seen in the monster truck world a perfect 30 score in the wheelie contest by Amsoil Shock Therapy!!  The truck went a full 90 degree wheelie then tried to walk across the crash cars but ended up flipping on its lid.  The crowd went wild!  Big thanks to Monster Jam and Biloxi, MS.  The team is heading to Miami, FL on February 9.