Sudden Impact Racing Wins Freestyle Events in Andrews, Texas

March 8-10– Andrews Texas– Sudden Impact Racing traveled to Andrews, Texas for the Monster Truck Weekend of Destruction featuring seven of the nation’s top trucks.  Friday night saw good wheelies from Amsoil Shock Therapy and Redcat Racing Ground Pounder.  During the best trick contest Redcat Racing Ground Pounder amazed the crowd with cyclone donuts, while Amsoil Shock Therapy walked a great slap wheelie.  Redcat Racing Ground Pounder reached great momentum and air, and Amsoil Shock Therapy wowed the crowd with some huge air and the second place freestyle finish.  Saturday’s show saw even better efforts from the team and a second place donut win from Amsoil Shock Therapy.  Redcat Racing Ground Pounder wowed the crowd in freestyle leading to a second place finish.  Sunday was all about Redcat Racing Ground Pounder with great wheelies, donuts, and a big freestyle win.   Big thanks to Andrews, Texas and Jerry Perry for a great weekend.