SIR Team Travels Over 2,000 Miles to World Finals

SIR Team in Pocatello, ID

April 6, 2013 — Holt Arena, Pocatello, Idaho –  The Sudden Impact Racing team traveled to Pocatello, Idaho with four trucks – Amsoil Shock Therapy,  Redcat Racing Ground Pounder, Sudden Impact and Cardiac Arrest to compete in the Checkered Flag Productions World Finals.  The team traveled over 2000 miles to show CFP and the fans that they were willing and able to compete.  Holt Arena was a packed house with over 13,000 fans on hand to witness some of the best trucks from the independent monster truck world.  Redcat Racing Ground Pounder and Amsoil Shock Therapy placed third and fourth in the night’s first event, the wheelie competition.  Three of the trucks placed in racing event with a first place win for Redcat Racing Ground Pounder, Sudden Impact in third and the debuting Cardiac Arrest took fourth.   In the final event of the night, all of the Sudden Impact Racing Team trucks put on quite a show in freestyle, getting the crowd involved.   The team would like to thank Riley’s Hotshots for some great pictures and CFP for the invite.  The team travels to Fort Smith, AR and Naples, FL on April 26, 2013.  More Photos