SIR Team to Participate in Sept 18 Dog Dash Fundraiser

The Crescent City Dog Dash is a fund raiser event organized and hosted by NOLA4X4 to raise funds and awareness for the Villalobos Rescue Center. VRC is the animal rescue featured on Animal Planet’s “Pitbulls & Parolees”. They moved to New Orleans in 2012 and immediately embraced the culture and lifestyle of NOLA. The rescue specializes in the Pitbull breed yet does not limit itself to only rescuing Pits. New Orleans of course has its own history with this breed with it being one of the most popular types of dogs in our city, so the two do fit together well. The cost of running VRC has grown immensely since they moved to New Orleans leaving the rescue in a daily struggle to finance its operation. The founder and owner of VRC (Tia Torres) is an avid 4×4 enthusiast, she became a Jeep owner several years ago and has since converted her two daughters to the Jeep way of life. Last year NOLA4X4 decided to reach out and offer a helping hand to some fellow 4×4 fans that seemed like they could use some assistance, working with the VRC team was a pleasant experience and we decided to continue working with them….. Which brings us to the Crescent City Dog Dash.

Participants will check in at 9 am on Sept. 18th at Mardi Gras World in New Orleans. Each vehicle will be given a stamp card with a list of five stops around the city that they will have to make. After having their card stamped at all five stops, players will conveen at the NOLA Motorsports Park.

There will be several things to do once everyone reaches NOLA Motorsports. There will be vendors on site to sell merchandise and take orders such as 4Wheel Parts, Diamond C Offroad, The Tahyo,  Searchers 4WD, KAK Art NOLA, Adrinaline Hobby, event T-shirts and more. There will also be a bounce house for the kids, an RC Crawler obstacle course, a life size 4×4 obstacle course, Go-Kart racing, etc.

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