SIR-Corpus Christi Report

(photos courtesy Daniel Hennis) Corpus Christi, Texas-Sudden Impact Racing made their presence felt in Texas, matching the state mentality of “bigger is better” with bigger air, bigger wheelies, and more fun throughout the entire weekend.

It began with a great display Thursday, where Redcat Racing Ground Pounder was outside with driver Ben Winslow signing autographs for fans and introducing them to the great Ground Pounder RC Monster Truck.

“It’s always great to see fans and how excited they are over the Ground Pounder—both the big one and the RC,” said Winslow. “From there, we had a good weekend at the show too, so it was a win-win!”

Part of the good weekend in Corpus Christi included a wheelie contest victory for Redcat Racing Ground Pounder. The truck was completely vertical and landed on the last car in a five-car set, earning a roar of approval from the Texas crowd as Winslow drove Redcat Racing Ground Pounder to an exciting victory for the Sudden Impact team.

“Chris (Ryan, driver of Cult Energy Activator) set the bar high in Cult Energy Activator every time, and he and I competed against both each other and the other trucks out there,” said Winslow.

That competitive nature was not lost on Ryan and the Cult Energy Activator, as he laid down some nice wheelies of his own and a great set of donuts, going along with the high-energy theme Cult Energy Activator drinkers enjoy seeing in the truck.

“I felt good out there, especially on the donuts,” said Ryan. “The crowd loves it when you can take a 10,000-pound monster truck and get it going in a cyclone!”

Redcat Racing Ground Pounder and Cult Energy Activator closed the weekend with the second show, where Cult Energy Activator got another great wheelie, Redcat Racing Ground Pounder made a final-round appearance in racing, and freestyle, where another second-place finish turned the great fans of Texas on to Sudden Impact Racing. Overall, it was another great weekend for the record book, and the fans left Corpus Christi happy. We’ll keep you posted on future shows!

Full results can be seen HERE.