Sudden Impact Racing-Smooth Sailing, More Wins

AMSOIL/SIR ARE THE PERFECT COMBINATION Bathurst, NB-Sudden Impact Racing headed to Bathurst, New Brunswick for three shows and came away with more wins and confidence, with a lot of highlights and no breakage. Amsoil Shock Therapy was able to make the racing finals on Saturday night, losing narrowly, but making up for it later in [...]

Sudden Impact Racing Goes Undefeated!

CULT ENERGY ACTIVATOR AND REDCAT RACING GROUND POUNDER CLEAN HOUSE IN CANADA Medicine Hat and Red Deer, AB-Sudden Impact Racing’s Cult Energy Activator and Redcat Racing Ground Pounder took home big wins in two different cities in three days, making good use of their time north of the border. The trip began with Medicine Hat, [...]


IT’S MONSTER TRUCK MADNESS ON JULY 3RD! April 13, 2010 (Mt. Pleasant, Michigan) – The ground will rumble as Soaring Eagle Casino in Mount Pleasant, Michigan hosts Monster Truck Madness on Saturday, July 3rd. Monster truck fans will see some of the big guns of monster truck racing as former world freestyle champion Jim Koehler [...]

Penticton Writeup

Chris Arel Motorsports’ Doug Denance did a great writeup of Cult Energy Activator and Redcat Racing Ground Pounder’s successful weekend in Penticton. Click the link below to check it out. Thanks, Doug! PENTICTON WRITEUP

Good Times, More Success in Penticton!

PENTICTON, BC-Redcat Racing Ground Pounder and Cult Energy Activator began another successful weekend in Penticton with a bit of media action (Link here), then it was time to get down to business come race night. The crowd was quickly shown that Sudden Impact Racing was ready to go, with Cult Energy Activator standing above the [...]

Monster Spectacular to Roar in Penticton

Check out this great article and video from Sean Duhon and Ben Winslow’s special brand of “introduction” to the Penticton media of Cult Energy Activator and Redcat Racing Ground Pounder: Monster Spectacular to Roar in Penticton

Another Great Week for SIR

AMSOIL SHOCK THERAPY HEATS UP FARMINGTON Farmington, NM-When you’re hot, you’re hot, and lately, Amsoil Shock Therapy has been on fire, adding another dominant weekend to a recent string of dominant weekends in Farmington, New Mexico. Amsoil Shock Therapy won the wheelie, racing, and freestyle competitions at two big shows this past weekend, completing a [...]