Tampa and Houston Wowed by SIR Trucks

Houston, Texas-Sudden Impact Racing’s Redcat Racing Ground Pounder and Michigan Ice Monster headed to the lone star state, Houston, to be exact, for an evening of great racing and freestyle. The slippery course claimed many victims throughout the night, with many races being decided by mere inches. Freestyle, however, is about the unpredictable, and both Redcat Racing Ground Pounder and Michigan Ice Monster put in great efforts.

Leading off in the field, Redcat Racing Ground Pounder was on its way to a great score when driver Chris Ryan encountered some bad luck, with a broken spindle after a big air launch ending his run early.

It was just a case of fatigue on the spindle more than anything,” said Ryan. “We run the trucks very hard to please Redcat Racing Ground Pounder fans, and unfortunately the spindle let go after a big jump. We’ll be back strong next week, and the fans were happy with what they did see!”

Michigan Ice Monster also had a solid effort, characterized as “his best of the year,” after a full run that ended in a great set of donuts. Driver Chris Lagana improves every week, and will look to do more of the same next week.

Sudden Impact Racing continues to get better every week, and Redcat Racing Ground Pounder along with Michigan Ice Monster head to Miami, Florida for another huge stadium show this week. We’ll keep you posted!

Tampa, Florida-Sudden Impact Racing’s Amsoil Shock Therapy and Amsoil Excaliber continued a season full of success in the sunshine state, treating the Floridian fans to an exciting night despite less-than-ideal conditions for monster trucks. A very muddy racing surface hampered every truck on the course due to rain, but Amsoil Shock Therapy and Amsoil Excaliber powered through the adversity for another impressive showing.

Amsoil Shock Therapy made its way through the bracket by keeping its cool through the pressure of constant sliding through the muddy turning course. One mistake can mean the end of a night in racing, and driver Jon Zimmer was up to the challenge.

The last thing I wanted to do was let Amsoil down,” he said. “I used to race SnoCross, and so I’m a bit used to sliding around. I was just keeping calm, being steady.”

That approach led to a nationally-televised final round appearance that Amsoil Shock Therapy came within inches of winning. Not to be deterred, the truck headed for the pits with a thrilling freestyle in mind to close the night.

Amsoil Excaliber had a great evening as well, putting in solid efforts in racing and freestyle to set the stage for Amsoil Shock Therapy’s thrilling freestyle. After many trucks simply hit whatever they could, Amsoil Shock Therapy went for a unique angle—hitting the obstacles sideways, or “cross-threading” them. The approach appeared to have Amsoil Shock Therapy headed to a win to back up the final-round racing appearance, but a bad bounce and lack of visibility put the truck over on its roof just a bit too early for a victory.

After yet another impressive showing on a national stage, Amsoil Shock Therapy and Amsoil Excaliber head for Rosemont, Illinois and a grueling five-show weekend. We will keep you posted on all the great action from there!