Amsoil Shock Therapy Wins Donut Competitions in Oklahoma

February 16-17– Oklahoma City, OK – The Sudden Impact Racing team traveled to Oklahoma City for a 3 show Monster Jam event.  The 2pm Saturday show would start off the events with Amsoil Shock Therapy scoring an 18 in wheelies but losing out in the racing round to some strong competition.  The donut competition was a battle in which Amsoil Shock Therapy would edge out the competition scoring an 18, taking the win.  Freestyle would have Amsoil Shock Therapy coming in second with an awesome score of 24, just one point behind the leader.  Saturday night finished up with more competitive racing with Amsoil Shock Therapy scoring another 18 in wheelies.

Sunday, Amsoil Shock Therapy tied the competition for second place in the wheelies but was edged out in the first racing round.  The crowd got on their feet as Amsoil Shock Therapy came back with a vengeance for the donut competition scoring a whopping 27 points and taking the win.  The team heads to Macon, Georgia for a show on Feb 22-23.