Batesville Fans Experience Sudden Impact

July 26 – 28, 2013, Batesville, AR – The Sudden Impact team traveled to Batesville, Arkansas this past weekend with Amsoil Shock Therapy driven by Steven Hill and Sudden Impact driven by James Chandler ready to lay down the law.  After the latest improvements made by the team and with the awesome line up at hand, it was set to be a fight with Bigfoot, Razing Cane and Ice Cream Man – all ready to battle it out Arkansas-style.

Friday night was a good night with Sudden Impact coming out first in the wheelie contest and throwing out some big hits to wow the crowd.  Amsoil Shock Therapy put it all on the line with near vertical leaps on both stacks earning him a second place in wheelies. Racing was a big Chicago style track with Amsoil Shock Therapy putting Bigfoot out second round and making his way to the finals against Razing Cane.  The slick turns would take him down earning him another second place. Then it was all about freestyle!   Sudden Impact wowed the crowed with good momentum and big air.  Amsoil Shock Therapy came out with blistering momentum big air, awesome slap wheelies, and a good cyclone to finish his run earning him a second place again.

Saturday night would turn out to be an amazing show with Sudden Impact making solid showings all night, including a third place in an awesome field of racers and a very solid effort in freestyle.  Amsoil Shock Therapy was on a mission to bring home a win to the Big Easy.  Laying down two more insane wheelies earned another second place. But in racing, second wouldn’t cut it!   Ice Cream Man was taken down in the first round and Sudden Impact in the second round.  And, laying down the fastest run of the weekend in the finals against Bigfoot Amsoil Shock Therapy brought home the win. Freestyle was set to be epic with insane momentum. Huge air tailgate-dragging power wheelies set the bar high to bring home another second place.

All-in-all the town of Batesville will remember the SUDDEN IMPACT that the team left behind this weekend. Thanks to the Monster X Tours for having us.   Next week it’s off to Benton, Missouri for the second leg of our Midwest tour.