SIR Team Kicks Off Monster Jam Season in Greensboro

January 10-11, 2014 — Greensboro, NC – Amsoil Shock Therapy and Ground Pounder started their Monster Jam season in Greensboro, North Carolina with a star-studded field of trucks.  Friday night, both trucks had solid showings in the wheelie competition and racing.  Ground Pounder did an outstanding job in freestyle with fast momentum and good combos earning a solid score.   With great momentum, Amsoil Shock Therapy showed off some nice air earning a solid score.

Saturday night the team tuned up the trucks to pull off amazing wheelies for a very solid score.  Racing was tough on the tacky North Carolina gumbo.  Ground Pounder had a photo finish against Grave Digger to only lose by a nose.  Amsoil Shock Therapy defeated Monster Mutt in the first round, but fell just a hair shy to Iron Warrior in the semi finals.  Both trucks came out to freestyle with blazing momentum, combos and nice air earning very respectful scores. The team met a lot of new fans and enjoyed the town of Greensboro.   Next stop for the team will be in the Mercedes Superdome in New Orleans.