SIR Hits the Jackpot in Michigan!

(images courtesy Phil Grande/Andrew Pellegrine)

Mt. Pleasant, Michigan-Sudden Impact Racing took a trip to the Soaring Eagle Casino and hit the jackpot, running hard and thrilling the Michigan fans in the first-time event. Amsoil Shock Therapy and Amsoil Excaliber were at or near the top in every competition throughout the weekend, completing another show on their hot summer tour in style.

Amsoil Shock Therapy nearly planted the tailgate into the cars in a vertical sky wheelie during the wheelie contest, but was not judged the winner. Still, it was an impressive start to the show, and just gave the fans a tease of what Sudden Impact Racing had in store.

Amsoil Excaliber was the story of the racing portion of the event, qualifying second in the field on the turning course. Chicago-style tracks require precision and driver skill, and Amsoil Excaliber’s Chris Ryan demonstrated both in taking a trip to the racing final, just narrowly missing a huge victory.

“I feel better every weekend I’m behind the wheel of Amsoil Excaliber,” said Ryan. “The truck felt smooth, and I just missed getting a win. We had a great weekend overall!”

The great weekend concluded with Amsoil Excaliber getting in a few nice hits on the freestyle ramps, then passing the torch to Amsoil Shock Therapy, with driver Jon Zimmer burning up and down the track with big air and great momentum, stopping a bit early due to a broken shock but lighting up the fans nonetheless.

Another weekend in the record books for Sudden Impact Racing, and all of the new Amsoil Shock Therapy and Amsoil Excaliber fans headed home happy. Next, the team heads to Bark River, Michigan for a display at the TORC event. We will keep you posted!