Warrenton Fair Thrills for SIR

(photos courtesy Josh Rhodes, video courtesy Chris Kaelin/Ed Hoormann)

Warrenton, Missouri-Sudden Impact Racing continued a blazing hot summer tour with some extra fireworks the week after the Fourth of July. Warrenton, Missouri played host to a great event that featured Redcat Racing Ground Pounder and Cult Energy Activator treating the fans to a fantastic performance in racing and freestyle.

“Rich (Hilgendorf) and I formed a great team this weekend with him in Redcat Racing Ground Pounder and myself in Cult Energy Activator,” said Ben Winslow. “Everything was fast-paced, the fans got a good show, and Sudden Impact Racing made every round count!”

The trucks each suffered breakage at various points of the night, but Sudden Impact Racing pulled together and fixed the broken parts between rounds, never missing a beat. Crew and drivers alike pitched in to ensure that the fans and sponsors got a full show. Redcat Racing Ground Pounder suffered a bent four-link bar after a spectacular save in the wheelie contest, but the team had the truck fixed in no time.

“Our crew was great this weekend, from getting me set up to hit the finals of racing to fixing Ground Pounder,” said Winslow. “Our biggest priorities are the fans, the sponsors, and our team.”

All three priorities were taken care of nicely in Warrenton, with Cult Energy Activator and Redcat Racing Ground Pounder closing out the night with outstanding freestyle runs to go with Cult Energy Activator’s final-round racing appearance. Next up for Sudden Impact Racing is Fort Worth, Texas. We’ll keep you posted! Enjoy the highlight video from the show below: