The Summer Sweep Tour

Monroe and Cassopolis, Michigan, Crown Point, Indiana, and Wayne County Fair-(photos from Jason Twite)Sudden Impact Racing’s Amsoil Shock Therapy and Amsoil Excaliber have been on a whirlwind tour of domination, pulling off double-digit victories between the two trucks in a five-show span including Monroe and Cassopolis, Michigan, Crown Point, Indiana, and the Wayne County Fair.

In Monroe, Amsoil Shock Therapy came away with a racing victory, and a runner-up effort in freestyle. Amsoil Excaliber also put in a solid run.

Cassopolis brought transmission issues, as Amsoil Shock Therapy lost second gear in the transmission, but Sudden Impact Racing dealt with the adversity and both Amsoil Excaliber and Amsoil Shock Therapy had great freestyles, with Amsoil Shock Therapy earning second place. Amsoil Excaliber’s Kevin Koszala continued to show improvement at all shows, notching another nice freestyle in Cassopolis.

Amsoil Excaliber didn’t stop there, marching all the way to the racing finals in Crown Point on night one. Amsoil Shock Therapy picked up right where Excaliber left off, taking wheelie and freestyle victories to close night one. Night two saw a big racing victory from Amsoil Excaliber, then wheelie and freestyle victories from Amsoil Shock Therapy.

“Anytime our two trucks are in competition, we’re a threat to win in my mind,” said Amsoil Shock Therapy’s Jon Zimmer. “We have the equipment to do it, and Kevin (of Amsoil Excaliber) has been coming along really nicely.”

A highlight of the Wayne County Fair show was the personal wheelie contest the two trucks held—Amsoil Excaliber had such a good wheelie attempt that it ripped the tailgate off, then Amsoil Shock Therapy followed with two massive past-vertical leaps. Amsoil Shock Therapy would take the wheelie, racing, and freestyle wins at this show as well to round out a weekend of fantastic shows.

Next up for the team is Gaithersburg, Maryland; no rest for the weary. We will keep you posted on all the action from there!