SIR Team Storms Austin

Nola - Austin, TXSudden Impact - Austin

February 6 – 7, 2015 – Austin, Texas — Sudden Impact and Nola Motorsports were in Austin Texas for the O’Reilly Outlaw Nationals this weekend competing against some hard chargers.   Friday night’s show was awesome with both trucks putting it down in wheelies with high scores.     Friday night racing was all about the Sudden Impact truck!  It straight ran away on everyone in the tight Chicago style racing course, making it to the finals against Big Dawg.   Sudden Impact barely missed taking home the win due to time to fuel up the truck.  Freestyle saw lots of big air from both trucks with amazing speed and a nice save from the Nola truck.  Both trucks scored in the top four to finish off the night strong.

Saturday night the team was on a mission to bring home a win to Nola Motorsports Park!  The truck went out first for wheelies throwing it down with two great wheelie,s a nice slap wheelie, and a no-handed doughnut to finish it out.   Sudden Impact truck had two amazing wheelies.   Nola scored a second place win against Ghost Ryder and Sudden Impact came home with third place.  Racing was all about Nola on Saturday night.  The team mates met first round with Nola just barely edging out a victory over Sudden Impact.   Nola went on to meet Big Dawg and redeem the team for Friday night throwing down a perfect race and bringing home the race win.

Freestyle again saw some huge air, crazy momentum and some two wheel bicycle action from both the trucks.   Nola brought home second in freestyle and Sudden Impact received fourth.   The team is all cleaned up and heading to the next stop on the great Texas tour of 2015, which is Odessa Texas for the second stop on the O’Reilly Outlaw National’s Tour.