Cincinnati Update

News from Cincinnati’s show tonight, and it’s of the winning variety! Jon Zimmer drove AMSOIL Shock Therapy to the wheelie contest win to kick off the weekend in Cincinnati, Ohio for Checkered Flag Productions, while Chris “Panda” Ryan broke a blower belt. Both trucks were 100% for freestyle though, and it showed. Ryan put Excaliber through its paces in his first time in a smaller arena and got a solid run in as the first truck out. When the dust settled after Zimmer’s run in AMSOIL Shock Therapy, he had tied for the win with Bounty Hunter! Overall, a great night one for Zimmer and Ryan, and they will look to repeat it tomorrow night at the Cincinnati Gardens. Photos and more information will be online soon, along with a very special update from the other half of the SIR stable! Stay tuned!