Weekend Recaps from Mississippi and Texas

Sean Duhon and Ben “Bobo” Winslow brought home first and second place in the SMTS points, helped by their dominating weekend in Mississippi. After rebuilding the trucks from the ground up in a short amount of time, the team made the most out of their trip to Mississippi. Duhon stiffened the shocks on Cult Energy Activator up a bit to be able to go bigger during freestyle, and that combined with new engines and transmissions in both trucks enabled them to take Mississippi by storm.

“We got everything upgraded on Cult Energy Activator and Sudden Impact just in time to make it out to Mississippi, but everything ended up great,” said Bobo. “We both felt good in the trucks, and we were taken care of with the equipment we got.”

Along with the other updates Bobo’s Sudden Impact truck received, a new shock setup with reverse accumulator was tried, and the truck lands “100% better,” according to Duhon.

“We’ll test Sudden Impact and Cult some more, but we’re both really happy with how things went,” said Bobo.

Duhon would take the wheelie contest win on Friday, while Bobo swept through the brackets and won racing. In freestyle, Duhon would just edge out Bobo for the victory in a crowd cheer-off. Saturday, Duhon was able to sweep racing and freestyle, and after the points were tallied, Duhon was declared champion!

“It was a great weekend for our team,” Duhon said. “This SMTS points deal has gone on since April, and it’s great to win it, but I didn’t do it by myself. I want to thank Brandon Lagarde, Bobo, our crew at home, and the entire SIR team for all their support and help! We really appreciate it.”

We will have media from the event online as soon as possible!

Meanwhile, in Jacksonville, Texas, AMSOIL Shock Therapy and Excaliber took to the track, and more success followed. Jon Zimmer was able to pick up the racing victory on Friday, and both trucks posted solid freestyle efforts despite a little bit of engine trouble on Excaliber. The huge ATV park in Jacksonville played host to a large straight line racing course, and Zimmer put AMSOIL Shock Therapy in the winner’s circle.

“It was a fun show, ” said Zimmer. “It was great to take the win for SIR and AMSOIL, and we have some more work to do here coming soon.”

The work Zimmer speaks of includes he and Chris “Panda” Ryan taking Shock Therapy and Excaliber to Cincinnati for next weekend’s big Checkered Flag Productions show, then tearing into both trucks and freshening them up for 2010.