Worldwide Success for Sudden Impact Racing


Abbotsford and Victoria, BC-Sudden Impact Racing dominated a whirlwind weekend in British Columbia this past weekend, winning every competition in not one, but two locations in a span of three days. Cult Energy Activator and Redcat Racing Ground Pounder simply had no equal in both Abbotsford and Victoria.

The weekend began in Abbotsford, where Cult Energy Activator took home a hard-fought racing victory, then led a big air assault in freestyle with teammate truck Redcat Racing Ground Pounder. With high-energy racing and freestyle runs and nothing but wins in the book for the evening, it was mission accomplished.

“We drank a few Cults and got down to business,” Cult Energy Activator’s Sean Duhon said. “I felt good in racing, and my teammate, Chris Ryan, had a great freestyle in Redcat Racing Ground Pounder! We both left Abbotsford feeling great, and had a lot of fans come up and ask about both Cult Energy and the Ground Pounder RC!”

A three-hour ferry ride and some preventive maintenance work on the trucks then led Redcat Racing Ground Pounder and Cult Energy Activator into Victoria, where it was more of the same. Redcat Racing Ground Pounder took a trip to the semifinals of racing, and Cult Energy Activator made it two for two on the weekend with the big racing victory! The trucks followed that up with great freestyle runs, and when the dust settled, Cult Energy Activator had a clean sweep, with the victory in freestyle as well.

“I love putting on a show for Cult, Redcat, and the fans,” said Duhon. “Sudden Impact Racing is a great team to drive on and work for, and we have great sponsors behind us. It makes life easier on me to run the truck as hard as we do and get a weekend full of victories!”

It was a picture perfect weekend for Sudden Impact Racing’s Cult Energy Activator and Redcat Racing Ground Pounder, and they will clean the trucks up and head to Cottage Grove, Oregon with a ton of momentum next weekend!


Sheridan, WY-Sudden Impact Racing made the most out of a messy situation in Sheridan, Wyoming, leaving a rain-soaked, muddy track with some wet but happy new fans of Amsoil Shock Therapy and Amsoil Excaliber. Monster trucks are not made to withstand torrential downpours even with great traction, but the hard work and dedication of team Sudden Impact Racing enabled the trucks to turn a potential negative into a big positive.

Amsoil Excaliber had a bit of trouble in racing, but blasted out of the gate for freestyle primed to take the early lead, wowing the Wyoming fans with some big air before a steering ram problem ended driver Rich Hilgendorf’s run prematurely. The run was good enough to satisfy the cheering crowd and leave them ready for more. After a semifinal appearance in racing, Amsoil Shock Therapy stepped up to the challenge laid down by its teammate truck and blasted everything on the track, with huge leaps off of every obstacle on the track, along with some mud-soaked cyclone donuts. When the run ended, the fans were on their feet and cheering their appreciation for driver Jon Zimmer and Sudden Impact Racing’s Amsoil Shock Therapy!

“I knew the track wasn’t in the best condition because of the mud, but the truck was still fine,” Zimmer said. “Amsoil Shock Therapy’s always ready to go; Jeremy and the rest of the Amsoil team give us great support to be able to run hard. We have some pressure-washing in our future, but it was well worth it because we made the fans happy!”

After burning through the muddy course in Wyoming, Sudden Impact Racing heads to Kallispell, Montana for more action. We’ll keep you posted!