Wild Week Two for SIR

Wins were the theme of week two for Sudden Impact Racing. In Tacoma, both Amsoil Shock Therapy and Amsoil Excaliber suffered unlucky rollovers, then came back from the adversity to end the weekend on a good note.

“Tacoma is always a long weekend of racing and freestyle,” said Amsoil Shock Therapy driver Jon Zimmer. “It’s nice to have a big place to run the truck hard at, but it’s also very hard on equipment and on us drivers. Seeing the fans having a good time is what makes it worth it.”

Kevin Koszala continued his development behind the wheel of Amsoil Excaliber, and with a truck not at 100 percent, still laid it all out on the line. “Sometimes things don’t go how you want them to, but it’s up to us to be professional about it,” said Koszala. “We would be letting Amsoil and all of our great fans down if we didn’t push through it. Our team ended up with a win and that’s all that matters.”

The win Koszala speaks of came in the final show of the weekend, when after four prior events, everyone could have packed it in and not been aggressive. That’s not Amsoil Shock Therapy’s style, however. Zimmer blasted Amsoil Shock Therapy off of every obstacle in site, getting huge air and spinning into a set of flawless donuts. But Amsoil Shock Therapy wasn’t done–more big air, slap wheelies, sky wheelies, and cross thread moves on obstacles followed, and when the judges’ freestyle scores were in, there was no doubt. Amsoil Shock Therapy came out the freestyle winner in Tacoma!

Next up for Sudden Impact Racing, it’s a trip to Sacramento, where warm weather and even hotter racing and freestyle await. We will keep you posted!

In Wichita, Redcat Racing Ground Pounder was able to take home victories in five of the twelve competitions on the weekend, including a Saturday freestyle victory, an impressive feat for driver Chris Ryan and the team.

“I was really pleased with how this new Scorpion Racing Engine worked out, and with the support of them and Redcat Racing, I feel like the sky’s the limit for us this season,” said Ryan. “I love being able to take wins; this is the way to get the season started!”

Indeed it is. Highlights of Redcat Racing Ground Pounder’s runs included big air, high-speed donuts, and great speed on the course. On evenings when other trucks had mechanical issues, Redcat Racing Ground Pounder suffered no issues and was strong throughout the weekend. It is a product of great maintenance and driving that a truck can go without breaking during a three-show weekend, and Ground Pounder did both. Ryan’s wins came in the donut contest (three wins) and freestyle (two), making a strong statement about the coming season–Redcat Racing Ground Pounder will be a force this year! Next up is New Orleans, Louisiana for another great show. Stay tuned!